The Culture Of Throwing Shoes!!!

9 10 2009

Shoe is a lethal weapon. Surprisingly, this weapon was not invented rather discovered in the olden days of George Bush the second (ass). The weapon was first used by Muntazir al Zaidi against his arch enemy, the monkeyman, “the ass”. Soon after, this weapon became very popular and the temptation to use it grew day by day.

The greatest thing about this lethal weapon is that this weapon does not physically harm your enemy but he will surly get some mental shocks. This mental illness will last for long. The most amazing thing about this weapon is that this weapon is used in public and in front of media. With this method, you can inflect greatest of insult to your enemy.

Since this weapon does not cost millions and because of its ease of use, you do not need any formal training. This is the very reason of its great popularity.Muntazir will be excited as he did not find himself alone in this war against their enemies. Since the day he started his war against his enemy, many followed. Many world leader, politicians and heads of controversial  financial institutions are the victims. After Ass the second, the episode continued and more and more people were mentally harmed. Chinese PM, Indian Foreign Minister and a couple of more Indian politicians, heads of some financial institutions and the latest victim was some IMF head who was insulted in Turkey by a young man.

But the latest of it all happened in Pakistan. A student of Karachi University threw his shoe on a professor from USA. But this was the first time that this thing happened in an education institution. Muntazir’s wing has penetrated even the educational institutions:P.

Should I feel proud that this thing happened in my country? And should I also feel proud that we have started insulting our guests? I don’t think so. If it had happened to a politician whether it be an American politician or a Pakistani, rather hitting a  Paki politician with a shoe would satisfy my internal evils more :P. “App samajh tu gae hoon gay main kiss ke baat ker raha hoon? :P”

But what happened in KU, is insulting. KU is an educational institution, and that man was a professor and he was our guest. Well, he was a teacher after all. This is not what our religion, ethics, values and our tradition teach us.

The most embarrassing  thing of all was that our media, as usual, looked like defending that student. This is the most simple way of getting popular.That student had no reason to throw shoe at a professor. Having arguments with your professor and running out of rational thoughts does not mean that you start fighting with him.While listening to his statement on media, he defended himself and called it as an act which is in favour of Pakistan and that he represented the feelings of all Pakistanis. Further he said that he should not be punished and asked for the support of all student organisations.

I simply have three word (and three star) answer , What the F***. This is hilarious and most stupid act. This means that, whenever I find a “Gora” on the street I should start throwing shoes at him, get caught, call the media and defend my act and prove it as an act that is beneficial for all and lastly I should say that I represented the feelings of the whole nation. What do I get in return, lots and lots of attention and cheap popularity. My “bache” will be so proud of me.

My only concern was that our electronic media should behave in a sensible manner and if they are so eager to listen to the shoe thrower’s stance, they must also ask him some questions like how his cheap act will help Pakistan in making its image better?

Please comment, I want listen what other say.




5 responses

9 10 2009

beh, the guy just wanted fame….

9 10 2009

That was a fucking idiotic act that student did. As you pointed out the professor was a guest and that was an educational institute. We have too many of these fucking retards… pissed off i be.

9 10 2009

If someone throws a shoe at a person only because that person is gora/gori, the act loses its meaning and just becomes a rude, senseless outburst.

9 10 2009

Where are we heading to…I’m speechless…

9 10 2009

پڑھنے دا ناں مان کریں توں، ناں آکھیں میں پڑھیا…..او جبار ستار کہاوے ، متاں روڑھ چھڈو دودھ کڑھیا

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