Bye Bye Gawal Mandi

11 08 2009

Gone are the days when we used to visit Lahore and a hang out in  Gawal Mandi food street was a must.  But its no more. A piece of  culture and history and came to an end.

Gawal Mandi food street was established a few years ago and it quickly gained popularity among desi food lovers. Lahore is famous for its food and culture and Gawal Mandi food street offers the best desi food at one place. In my recent tour to Gilgit I have heard about this food street from foreigners as well and they liked it.

Gawal Mandi food street

Gawal Mandi food street

Photo taken from

But once again a tradition and history has feel victim to Pakistani political rivalry.  It is a common practice that politicians in our country change and oppose the policies of their predecessor. Stopping rather destroying the projects of their predecessors is an activity that goes unnoticed. Different projects are abandoned regardless of their value to the country and all this just because of their political rivalry.

Gawal Mandi at night

Gawal Mandi at night

Photo taken from

Gawal Mandi food street has feel prey to a similarly political rivalry.  This project has been finished and destroyed without thinking of its cultural value, its importance as a city food center and without thinking that how many people will lost their jobs just becuase of our moron, stupid, ignorant idiots.

This time the famous Mr. Shahbaz Shareef CM of Punjab, the most hypocrate person among all and a member of Bald Brothers group ( by the way the copyrights of the term The Bald Brothers TBB solely belongs to me  :P) had to crush the remaining popularity of  former CM Parveez Elahi in Lahore. And to do this the stupid retard baldy didn’t think that how many people will lose their jobs and businesses because of his stupid decision.

This is unfortunate, very unfortunate. We have lost a famous and traditional place to hang out. A place that we always loved. A place that always fascinated us.

Gawal Mandi you feel prey to an idiot but we will always remember you and we will always praise you.

At the end shame on our politicians especially the most hypocrate among all  ” The Bald Brothers”…

May God have mercy on our Pakistan




6 responses

11 08 2009
Awais Naseer

کوءی بات نہیں۔۔ پنڈی والی گوالمنڈی ابحی زندہ ہے۔۔۔ مگر وہاں سب ورکشاپیں ہیں!! 😀

11 08 2009
Zawad Iftikhar

This is as pathetic as it gets………………Ultimate retardness. Love the term “Bald Brothers” and “Baldy” hehe

11 08 2009

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11 08 2009

Its stupid of them and i wish for once that the people do something about it and make a fuss.

8 10 2009

Really? Its gone?

What is gawalmandi has to do with pervez illahi?

9 10 2009
meter down

Actually what I heard and what I read was that Gawal Mandi was established and had a hold of person close of Prevez Elahi .. just that

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