Help save our countrie’s beauty !!!

2 08 2009

Just yesterday I visited Toli Peer, a hill station in Rawlakot, Azad Kashmir. The place is so beautiful that I find it hard to put all my feeling into words. It was a long journey through thickest of the jungles you will ever see in Pakistan. The weather is always pleasant and the lush green surroundings will certainly make you feel good.

Photo by Ishtiaq Ahmad
Photo by Ishtiaq Ahmad


Photo by naturalbrain2000’s


Photo by ▓▒░Farrukh� �▒▓’s

Toli peer is a plane at the top of the mountains of Rawlakot and is a place where you can camp and hike or track and enjoy the nature at its purist.


Photo by FourWanderer’s


Photo by shahzaibh’s

But all my love for the place soon vanished when I saw alot of rubbish thrown all around by our local tourists. This was certainly disturbing. There was a small camp style hotel and they were throwing all their garbage in those hills making the place ugly. People threw everything from plastic bags and disposable plates and jars to plastic wrappers of different eatables. This certainly shows the mentality and thinking of your countrymen and their irresponsible behaviour.

We need to stop this, we need to educated people not to do this before its too late. Help us and support this cause and make this country clean and green.

Please join our cause on Facebook, help us with your suggestion and share your thoughts to preserve the beauty of our country.





3 responses

3 08 2009

Toli peer is really great place …… is also great place for skating in winter on snow

24 07 2010

I also want to visit the place. Can u guide me which route should i take to reach Rawalakot from Islamabad on my family car?

26 07 2010
meter down

It takes around 4 5 hours to reach Rawalakot from Islamabad .. and there are two ways to reach there , one is from Kahota which is better, as the road is much better and the other one is from Nelor side … Um not much familiar with both of them as i was with a driver when i went there .. but you can ask anyone about it …

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