Why are you blamming India, Blame yourself..

3 03 2009

How can you say that India is behind the attacks when we, ourselves, are enough to create anarchy in this country. It is so easy to blame India and “Other” forces for every thing that happens here. When you have such an incompetent and democratically elected criminals ruling your country, you need no “other” force to harm you. It is “We” who is to blame. We Pakistani deserve this and this has to happen today to tomorrow and be prepared for the day when you will be standing on the traffic singlets and we will be the victims of such barbarians …..

Wake up, wake up and grow up galz and guys . grow up … stopping blaming others when you yourself have a lot of fuss in your own lap … First clear that and then get them.

Unless and until the youth of this country does not grow up mentally, nothing is going to change… leave these fucking babas and put them in their graves ones and for all … Our parents generation has wasted the time. They stayed in their homes and did nothing but to protect and feed their children. Its time that their children are grown up… get up and do something…

This killing of innocent people will never stop. They will keep killing us on the roads, in the markets and then in our own homes just because of their personal political agendas.

They will keep fooling us, sometimes in the name of religion, the other times they will tell us to fight for the rights of their land ‘Provinces’. They will keep on using Sindh,Punjab,Baloch,Pathan,Muhajir cards to use us. And we will always be sacrificed.

We need new and fresh blood. Someone educated, someone brave, someone competent with a political brain.Its a shame that your consitution needs ammendment to make a person eligible for taking part in elections because he does not have a B.A degree. Its shamefull.




3 responses

4 03 2009

Guys lets come up with some solution…we are already done with a lot of useless and time wasting bashing….lets think over some solution…

4 03 2009

people find easy to point out the weaknesses, make comments, or talk about the problems, but providing the solution is really a hard thing to do.

Lets try some constructive criticism, when ever we point out the problem we should suggest some solution as well.

5 03 2009

I totally agree with ali n all others here… n wat i really recommend is that the govt should pass a law whereby all citizens could own a gun for self defence…
This would be harmful for the fact that there are private rivalries going on all over the country but this would also enable others(n by that i dont mean india or any other country) to even think about doing such an act..

Lets jus consider that if the citizens did have a gun each with them when this started.. atleast someone would have shooted those bloody motherfukers to hell… n that is wat we realy want aintit?

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