The Return of Sindh Pujab Card

1 03 2009

It looks tough history is repeating itself. I am afraid the 90s decade is coming back to haunt the foolish Pakistani people. Those ten years that Pakistan wasted may come back again.

The blood sucking poli’tics’ is back. Another blood bath is on its way, this time it may not be NORTH, but center of Pakistan.

Same old politics by the same old politicians  on the same old stage.

And the use of Sindh/Pujab card has started again. Just as I am writing this post, I am hearing the news of Altaf Hussain addressing a rally in Karachi against the distruction of a monumnet in Liquat Bagh that was built in memory of Benazir Bhutto. He used the Sindh card and fooled the people once again.

I have a few question!

1- Who was Miss. Benazir Bhutto?

A messenger sent by God? It looks though she is, at least these days.
She was a declared, and known corrupt women. Her swiss accounts are no secret to anyone. Her stuggle!! God , she stuggled for her seat and when she wasn’t PM, she was in USA to gather support to become next PM.

2- Who is Altaf Hussain?

A bloody student leader, who is struggling for sindu desh. That coward knows only one language, the language of guns.

3- What is the relationship of PPP and MQM?

PPP under Benazir killed MQM workers like street dogs. Now PPP is licking his boots because they want to stay in power in Sindh. Any other reason?

4- Who is Nawaz Sharif?

A goof dumb machine, a crying baby who says that zardari has betrayed him. If you ask a child in the street to trust zardari, he may never do that. And Mr. Sharif, you have remaind CM of Punjab twice and twice you enjoyed the premier authority of Pakistan and you are betrayed by a thug. Shame on you and you deserve what has been done to you.

5- Who is Zardari? I need to say anything else. Hmmmm, but I’ll 😛

He is the  only person who does not like his own name with his own children :P.

6-Salm Taseer(Tun)?

Don’t tell me you don’t know him. If you don’t ask someone to forward “that” mail to you :P.

Gher Gher main bijli aae ge, Qarz utaro Mulk sawaroon, New Islamabad, Land for landless farmers, Shareeyat Bills, Democracy, Love for poor, Rooti Kapra aur Makan, homes for homeless, jobs for jobless, phara likha punjab, taleem sab ke lia etc etc etc.

Nothing has ever been accomplished and will never be done in the future unless and until People of Pakistan don’t think for themeselves by themselves. But they will not, they can not shatter the idols they worship.

Pakistani people you deserve this…




8 responses

1 03 2009
Ahmad Shakil

We all know who these people are any many of us crying all the time “we don’t have any other choice.”
But once we have selected these people why don’t we let them take their time. Why every time in midway we start “Tehreeks” and movements. Why we don’t support our leaders (though they don’t deserve).
When we will think different? When we will realize these blame games will result nothing.
Why don’t we criticize in positive way? If government is doing wrong why we are not highlighting the misacts?
This is time we people need to change our thought. Let them do what they are doing. Criticize what is bad and don’t indulge in anti Government movements. Let these people do what they can. So in next election our people know what bad they have done and nobody can say “We did not get time please vote us again and support democracy”.

1 03 2009

before saying anything about your post buddy, i want to say that shakeel’s optimistic views bring smile on my face, and i wish that all these Devils’ Advocates so called our leaders got something out of it……
it is our great dilemma that we used to be fooled by these people….
we dont have the identity…. are we Pakistani is it like this!!!!! , is it true…. we used to call ourselves proud Pakistani but in fact we r not…..

we are just a mere ignorant, selfish, biased, emotional crowd and each individual is only interested in ones own benefits . Is this the National Spirit????? is this Pakistanism????? and we favour all these leaders for our own interest and nothing else…….

so what i believe…. we need to regenerate ourselves first before going into these slums……

1 03 2009

Sindh is feeding Pakistan and now its time to realize the fact.
From last 60 years Punjab is ruling this country and now Sindh will rule this country as sindh give 75% revenue from which this country is running and now no body can ignite fire between Mohajirs and sindhis as both knows that in their war only punjab takes advantage.

2 03 2009


A nation like PAKISTAN deserve worse.

2 03 2009

Well whatever has been described in the first post is what every Pakistani thinks. Everyone of us thinks the same that these all personalities are nothing but a crap, everybody is selfish, greedy for power, interested in just their own benefits. But brov. that somehow is very RIGHT that “we dont have any other choice”! Either you dont vote, or you vote for any of them! The character analysis for all these characters done is very true. I dont think there will be anybody who wouldn’t agree to that, and the comment on Mr.Zardari and Mr.Taseer really made me laugh.
I hope you have heard this very famous urdu phrase: “Shareef wo ha jis ko moka nahi milla” ! thats exactly what the case is. Corruption is a thing which is common everywhere, in every country, and thank God, Pakistan is not in the top ten of the most corrupted countries list ! *wink.
Mr.Shakil wrote that we should let them complete their time and then in the same line he wrote that we should criticize them in a positive way by highlighting the misacts. Well my friend, the lawyers have been highlighting the misacts since March 2007. I am not very Pro-Nawaz but yeah i do support this league for standing up against the government to Reform the Judiciary and Ch.Iktikhar Hussain. Never in the history of Pakistani politics, any party has pulled-out the Federal Ministers from the government. Everybody loves Power but yes, he proved himself. I know we all are kind of fed-up to this demand but thats the only way how we can bring the real democracy back.
No Hard feelings.

2 03 2009
meter down

OK Bro. be a lill cool. I didn’t want to go in that debate but you forced me to. No one is feeding anyone, for Gods sake its a country and in a country the states function in parallel. But mind you can you provide any evidence to support your remarks. Mind you but if we go back in history, start from 1947 to 2009, do you know that a Punjabi remained on the prime position i.e. PM only for 3 to 4 years. Whenever there was democracy, Premiership went to Sindh and whenever it was dictatorship, the marshal law administrator was from Frontier. So if you think Punjab has taken advantages then its a mistake of your leadership. Secondly, Punjab has never been allowed to built even one dam. The rest of the dams are in Frontier and all the barrages in Sindh. So how are you blaming Punjab.

But I request you and all other countrymen, that please leave these issue, I am a Punjabi and I love Sindh, Balouchistan and Sarhad as much as any one. The purpose of my post is only one. Please get up and “Think for yourself By yourself” not by the so called leaders who have no concern about what will happening in the country. They will use the Sindh Punjab Phatan Baloch card as per their liking and we will always be fooled.Even after everything they will enjoy the luxuries of life we will still strive for the basic needs.

Please be patient and don’t blame anyone for what is happening in this country, blame yourself

2 03 2009

Don’t you think all these people have been dropped on us due to our own sins, to criticize some one is not a big deal, when you are in trouble, try to find a solution or face that trouble.

2 03 2009

Look, thats what we all have been doing! We all, including the media are just again and again defining and identifying the Problems BUT the time is to give a solution to these PROBLEMS !

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