The Good Old Days !!!

3 12 2008

A very beautiful Text message that I got. I want to share it with all because it has taken me back to those good old naughty days… I love it..

I would request you all to add your own thoughts in the form of comments.

Let me take you back in time

Before Sega, nintendo and atari

VCD,DVD and internet

Woh mohalay ke galyan

aur un main sirf “Chuppan Chupai”

Only Polka Popcone icecream

Watching 7 am cartoons on PTV before going to school

7pm NTM transmission

He man, ninja turtles and thunder cats

Late night show

Auto man,Street Hawk, Air wolf and night rider

ohh and dark justice too

Urdu dramas

Chand Grahan, un kahi,sunehray din, janglous

Pak wining cricket and hockey worldcup

Watching Australia cricket world cup after sahree

We used to know every one in our lane

Chup chup ke kite flying

Oh han aur 4 Rs. ki pepsi pena

Golden chips, Jublee, mitclells toffee

Bubble gummers shoes

Hop out of car’s window

Pillow fight

Running till you are out of breath

Being tired from playing

10 Rs. Eidi

decisions made on eeny meeny miney mo

Playing in the rain

Afraid of dog bite, injections and dark rooms

Arguing with friends – who runs faster ?

Cycle race, drawing and story books..

Woh tarzan aur umroo ayar…





5 responses

3 12 2008

There was also this other ice cream from polka which came in the form of a bar with a golden wrapper but was essentially a chock bar… It was too expensive for me to afford back then… Dang i wish i could try that

3 12 2008

missing out on Captain Planet & Ainak Wala Jin ????

3 12 2008

Beautiful memories …and reminders!

playing kasautis in loadshedding summer nights ..!

ps: They are showing thunder cats again these days ~ yay =)

4 12 2008
Hassan Ashraf

I would like to add my train journeys back to my PIND in Sargodha …
I am sure every one else used to go some where in summer holidays ….

12 12 2008

Just awesome dude… u pretty much covered everything…

reaaalllyyy wish tht time wud come bak…

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