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16 05 2008

Let’s talk, talk talk and talk. Take the remote control in hands and switch the channels. Yeah that’s what I was doing tonight. I changed one channel after another until I reached the last one and I had to press that same button 44 times in search of a “Tension-free” program…

Now here is what I found out, channel one to about channel 27(except HBO, Star Movies and Star World) all the channels were discussing THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE OF PAKISTAN… you must know that … then came ARY or may be INDUS, that was sweet, a very nice cute little girl dancing in front of the whole nation, her parents appreciating; lucky parents; people chanting slogans, clapping and whistling. Then came another young boy, dancing and being appreciating by the “International Level” judges’ .Thanks God we are competing with India at least in any way. All our parents must be so happy that now their boys and girls are getting the real chance to show their talent in front of the world. They were dying for that! Now I am sure we will produce world class dancers who may get a chance to show their talent in boogie woogie. That’s what our ultimate goal should be. Let them think, we will copy later on.

Back to channel 27, thanks God I found out National Geographic. But my dad said ‘Oh yaar kaheen aur laga kya her waqt kutay billay dhakta rahta ha tu…’ perhaps he too is anxious to know about THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUES OF PAKISTAN.

Now let’s talk about the MOST IMPORTANT ISSUES OF PAKISTAN. Off course none other than our beloved, Just, Fair and The most innocent “The Judiciary”. Once all the judges are reinstated every thing will be OK. Oh don’t forget get my favourate chap his highness Mr. justice Iftikhar Chaudry back. Because he has this (shhhh don’t tell any one, it’s a secret) secret magical stick with which he can solve every problem including atta issue , not only that he can light up your homes, bring back investment, flood the dams with water, make smooth roads with no bumps. Oh yeah the magical stick has the power to wipe out extremism from its roots. Off course we have voted for a change and only ifti uncle can bring that.

Back to TV and media. Let’s not forget the positive role of media in all the issues. Thanks to Geo, ARY, Express, Aaj and many others ohh I forget to mention Mian sahib’s latest investment; it’s not masala tv though, the waqt tv. Thanks for keeping us inform of the Real Issues. You rock guys. You all are working so hard to solve all the issues facing Pakistan. My special thanks to the new anchors cum politicians, Hamid Mir, Talat Hussain, Doctors, Khans, Ansaris and Abbasi and many more.

Its 8 O’clock and here is hamid mir having the The Most Significant people of Pakistan in his show, again discussing THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE OF PAKISTAN. Now lets talk, talk and talk, because that is the solution of every problem. Let’s swear upon Mushi, let’s curse him as he is the one and the only person responsible for every bad thing happening in this country. We should accept what Hamid Mir, Talat hussain , Kamran Khan, Shahid masood etc etc say. Because they are talking about, THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE OF PAKISTAN.

Hold on, wasn’t I talking about a “Tension-free” program?

What the hell, my fingers are tired of pressing the next button and I didn’t find one channel worth watching. Every damn third class journalist is trying to Tim Sabistian of hard talk. Now these third ill mannered fools try to tell me that what my most important problem is!

Two strong Mafia have emerged from no where. The Journalist Mafia and the Lawyers Mafia! Every member of the Journalist mafia has been given a one hour talk show to pump as much non-sense as he could in the minds of this foolish nation. Special songs have been prepared to salute the lawyer’s movement. But Why? Are they so law abiding? What happened when a couple of days back Supreme Court ordered Geo to stop humiliating politicians and judiciary, all of a sudden, on the gates of SC every member of this Mafia turned out against SC orders? What is this? On one side they are chanting slogans in favor of Judiciary and what happens when judiciary turns against them? Poor damn hypocrites.

How much freedom do these two Mafia want? Look at the lawyers! They were making bucks before and now they want a bigger share. You remember the famous paindu quote “Khuda thanay kacahree sa bachee” Why? You know why. Every lawyer and every judge in this country is on sale. Got some money, buy ‘em. The country where justice always has a price, you expect more freedom there. God help us then. We will have to earn really hard to buy law if we need it someday. Judiciary is the 3rd most corrupt department in Pakistan after Police and WAPDA according to transparency international. God help us again.

And there is another phenomenon just evolved, The CIVIL SOCIETY.

Definition according to myPedia “A group of the most corrupt old bureaucrats, who had enjoyed there prime and now they have nothing to do and they don’t want to get retired and came back to get their share with a new label i.e. the civil society”

These thugs have looted Pakistan with both hands and now they have come back as civil society to get their share again. This civil society also include people like Asma Jhangir, who have spared no chance to appreciate India and blame Pakistan for whatever bad is happening around the globe, especially in her beloved country the India.

Now they say, people have voted for us just to bring back ifti. Oh come on; just tell me how many people in Pakistan even know the meaning of the very word ‘the constitution’? Pakistan’s seventy percent population is living in villages, now how on earth are they concerned about the reinstatement of judiciary. And that too in such a difficult time when a single rooti costs 5 Rupees. There is no electricity, we are among the top in the UN’s list of countries facing severe food crisis, we have no investment coming in, no basic infrastructure, markets are flooded with Chinese products, we are facing shortage of water, energy, food, health facilities, we are facing severe brain drain, lack of quality education and what not. And we are told by our politicians and our media mafia that judiciary is the prime issue and because these crisis are a byproduct of the previous government, so we cant handle it. Mr, Ishaq dar, our finance minister, comes up with a new calculation every day and tells us that what the last government did and that becomes the headline of the next day’s newspapers. So again, there is no harm is TALKING. So let’s keep talking. Our PM talks, our ministers’ talks, our media talks, our civil society talks … bacha bacha talks. Now then who will dare to tell a solution to any problem?

For how long will this government last by blaming the previous government? Man, the previous government is gone, it’s your government. Now face the music. You promised a lot, now fulfill ‘em.

But how can I expect a government who is begging UN to come and investigate the death of a third world country’s politician. The so called daughter of the East. God, open your eyes, she was a leader of a third world country and wasn’t a hero. She did nothing for this country; I refuse to accept her as my leader. I request Mr. ten percent that there were more important people whose cases need to be resolved before going for a UN team. People like Dr. Ghulam Murtaza, like Hakim Saeed, people like Gull Ge, people like Gen. Mushtaq Baig and so many more. They are my heroes and they are my mentors, not BB. They did something for the people of this country. But unfortunately if they die they are never entitled as “Shaheeds” but if a political leader is even hanged and charged with wrong doings, they will instantly be called as “Shaheed”.

Back to TV channels again, I was just wondering how many channels does Geo and ARY have; more than a dozen. And tell me about one single program that is “Tension-free”. Have you ever seen a program on any channel, discussing the issues like ‘why so many trees have been cut by CDA in Islamabad and what effect will it make’? or ‘why are their so many beggars on the streets’? Or ‘How should we educate our public to behave in the public areas’? Have you ever saw a program which depicts the true Pakistan. Just imagine a 1 hour program about the historic forts in Pakistan, a documentary program may be. I think they can make more than a thousand documentaries just on this topic. Have they ever made a program which shows the beautiful landscapes of this country, start from Sindh and Balochistan and come up to khabir, tell me about a single geographical location on this globe which has such a versatile landscape? A program on deserts of Pakistan, a program on mountains of Pakistan; do you know we have seven out of 14 highest peaks in the world. Imagine about a program on the wildlife of Pakistan, do you know that we have got some unique species of snakes that are not found else where. Have you ever heard and you can find Grizzlie bears in Pakistan. Imagine about a program on the heritage, cultural festivals and the folk music. We have got the most unique sufi music. We have got amazing people, but we don’t have time to show them on TV as we are too busy in judges’ issues. I am eager to see a TV quiz show but I don’t find any. I am eager to see PTV style dramas but now Geo tells me that SOAP is the real drama, bullshit. Everybody know that’s pure bullshit, why do they show it then?

Damn with corrupt Lawyers and shame on the irresponsible and immature Media and Journalists Mafia.

By Ali Hammad




6 responses

16 05 2008

very well written ali bhai!!!!
World use to crack jokes abt american public that their brains are hijacked by media.I think same is the case with this nation of 160 million donkeys.

16 05 2008

very well writen; infact harsh facts…….I am totally in favor but one thing want to discuss that whatever the case is, if still balme others like governments then when the awareness will come………….I have the same point of view that lawyers and judges were corrupt and still they are but now if they are against something illegal we must not condemn them, if we cant support them…………..

16 05 2008

I hardly watch t.v….but let me share two worrisome observations apart from those you already mentioned

1) whats wrong with today’s kiddy cartoons!!!!!!!! they carry so much adult humor…and kids watch them for hours with eyes glued to the screen…no wonder the innocent imagination is being corrupted

2) whats wrong with the local advertisement agencies!!!!!!!!! almost every other advertisement preaches impressing a girl by chewing a special gum, or some icecream or cola, or how you can utilize some new service\tech\product to impess the opposite gender

all this is UNISLAMIC

whats going on!!! :@ 😦

i recall, PTV used to host some meaningful family oriented dramas based on good themes…why do the producers\directors copy the neighbors style?

16 05 2008
meter down

I agree with Syra, I observed the same thing on TV. We ourselves are filling dirt in the minds of our children. We solely are responsible.

16 05 2008

Very well written ali. Very very well written.

16 05 2008

i vnt been thru da entire content but it seems to be precisely placed and relates to somethin’ ive observed lately. nice job dude! =)

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