Fair and Unbiased Media – Pakistan

23 03 2008


DAILY TIMES – March 13th, 2008

published under the heading of:

………the other 46 percent

the comment of the newspaper under the heading reads…..

The government claims that Pakistan’s literacy rate is 54 percent. This picture shows men disregarding a sign that says pedestrians are supposed to take an underground tunnel to cross Jail Road. abid nawaz

The above picture and its caption from a Leading Daily Newspaper in Pakistan shows just How Fair and unbiased the media is in Pakistan.

From now on when I leave my home in London or Karachi or Lahore, I will go pass the STOP sign without stopping, I will ignore the SPEED LIMIT sign and drive at 100mph, etc etc…..and then just simply blame the government for not improving my literacy!!!!

I’m sure the traffic cops will understand and not slap me with a $100 fine.

Come on journalists and News editors in Pakistan – act with maturity and some sense of ethical and moral responsibility. Dont just jump on the bandwagon of Government bashing.

Just look at the news coverage in your publications over the recently (not days, weeks or months), but YEARS and see if you have published any GOOD news or anything that has the FEEL GOOD factor for Pakistan or Pakistani’s.

Is Pakistan all that bad. I have spent a hell of a lot of time in different cities of Pakistan and everyday I come across good deeds and good people. I hear stories from others of someone doing a good deed to another. Lets publish something along these lines rather then just gloom and doom.

Yes I know good news is not news. Hey, but news is not all bad either.

Lets get a reality check and actually be proud of Pakistan and of being a Pakistani. There are enough countries out there who want Pakistan rubbished and dis-credited for their own personal gain. Lets not help them but rather lets make their job harder.

Pakistan Zindabad.




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