I am FrU$tRaT3d

3 03 2008

Its two minutes before midnight, another day has gone past, now one minute remaining till the days ends completely and a new day starts. It was five degrees below the zero outside yesterday and today is no exception .I am in my bed and three blankets, a jacket and a sweater can’t stop me from shivering. And flue is making things worse. Eyes watering, nose blocked headache and neck ache, bloody hell…

Why am I still up and working on my laptop, no clues at all. Tomorrow morning, rather today’s morning I have to wake up early, very early, I need to drop my wife at her office before going to mine.

The new day has begun with the new hopes and expectations and a day has become history just a few moments ago.

New hopes? Damn it, my day starts with problems and ends with same old problems that I face every day. Getting up so early in the morning, cant get proper sleeps, then starting my twelve years old car, on which I have to spend a lot every weekend; driving that innocent blacky, noisy and uncomfortable mehran among the jungle of flashy and pacey cruisers, corollas, civics, mercs and mighty eighteen wheelers. Even then she runs and runs fast leaving mists behind.

Then comes the same old office. Same place same people, and all boys (evil smile) and a few babas whom people call bosses. Aggg, my seat is a little uncomfortable today, what’s the matter, some one has exchanged his seat with mine…. Never mind, start the computer, any new emails, yes a lot… damn it … more work, I had no intentions of doing anything today. Why don’t they pay me a fixed amount and let me work on my choice? Open the Google talk, is khotta online, by the way he is my project manager in Kuwait. I have replaced his picture with a donkey’s picture because that’s what he is. Some how, I can spend a whole day in the office.

Leaving aside everything what do I do the whole day, yeah I know that; making plans and generating business ideas. Yeah that’s what I ultimately want to do. But they don’t give a shit to what I think; they just want their work to be completed on time. Don’t they see an innovator sitting right beside them? They must respect my thoughts and let me work…Rather think.

Business ideas, yeah, talk about anything, ecommerce, computers, restaurants, hotels, boutiques any thing… I have an innovative business solution for every thing.

All in all I am frustrated and I had nothing to do at this moment so I decided to write some thing. I am thinking of writing regularly and may be more positively from now on.. :p… may be one day I could become a good writer… yeah ill inshallah..




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